About Daian Service

We, Daian Service manufacturer of Air purification System. Our own developed Air wing prevents straight air blow from air conditioner and improve air circulation throughout the room. Our R&D team continuously dedicating & developing air disinfection by using chlorine di oxide impregnated air filters. Chlorine di oxide is being itself an oxidizing agent which removes virus and bacteria while deodorizing the room environment. Our products assure your living much more than just comfortable.


Clean Air Products General services New sales development
Lease, sales and maintenance of air purifiers and A/C units for making commercial and residential spaces more pleasant and refreshing.
Primary customers: offices, stores, hospitals, individual homes
Sales and provision of products, services and systems developed in-house and by other manufacturers
Primary customers: air conditioner and electrical companies, business and office suppliers, air conditioning maintenance companies, mail order companies, volume retailers, specialty stores, general retailers
Authorized representative development for Daian Service products, services and systems; expansion and development

Daian Service

Established November 12,1973
CEO Saeki Goro
Headquarters Daian Meguro Bldg,.1-3-2,Chuo-cho,Meguro-ku,Tokyo 152-0001,JAPAN
TEL +81-3-5734-1700
FAX +81-3-5734-1770
Home page https://ssl.en.daian.co.jp/
Paid-up Capital JPY 51,000,000