Air diverter


Daian Service’s flagship product series, the Air Wing
eliminates direct A/C blasts of air,
providing pleasant circulating air instead.

Air Wing product series

Where people gather in the workplace

Where people gather

Offices, conference rooms, restaurants, schools, educational centers, living/dining rooms

Maintaining clean air

Maintaining clean air for a pleasant atmosphere

Health clinics, hospitals, nursing facilities, hotels, beauty salons, bedrooms

Safe for serving food

Keeps food fresh, particularly leafy vegetables

Supermarkets and convenience stores

For families

For families

Children, the elderly and people with health conditions

Prevents blasts of direct air and eliminates hot and cold pockets of air

Prevents blasts of direct air
Eliminates hot and cold pockets of air

Can be used year-round. Reduces electricity bills

Can be used year-round
Reduces electricity bills

No screws or drilling required. Designed for easy attachment.

No screws or drilling required
Designed for easy attachment

Equipped with a standard insulation mat, prevents condensation

Equipped standard with an insulation mat (Air Wing Pro, Multi, others). The special wind-deflecting shape curbs condensation.

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