Filter series

Just after stick filter in the indoor units, it begins to air purification.
it’s not only absorbs pollen and dust but also remove Virus and bacteria’s
Finally, it functions both disinfection and keep clean air conditioners as well.

AIR QUEST Green 38

AIR QUEST GREEN uses natural Abies sachalinensis (TODOMATSU) that is grown in Hokkaido in Japan. AIR QUEST GREEN special filter sheet is infused with the fine powder of Abies sachalinensis.

AIR QUEST Green 57

AIR QUEST GREEN filter sheet deodorizes uncomfortable odors quickly and also eliminates 90% of formaldehyde for 3 hrs.

Air Quest EX 38

Air Quest Ex is an Anti-bacterial, Anti-Fungal A/C filter which is charged with catalytic properties. In order to purify air from bacteria and fungus it is laboratory investigated and proves for air purification system.


Air Quest Ex is much more than just a dust filter but also removes Bacteria and fungus which help to healthy respiration. Both cassettes and wall split types of Indoor unit size available. mostly popular for home, offices and medical department.