AIR WING series

What type of air conditioner can it be used for?
Almost all type of standard air conditioners can use our Air wings e.g., Cassettes, ducted, ceiling concealed, ceiling/floor etc. As long as adhesive adaptor can attach than air wing can use easily.

In case of concealed ducted system, Air wing slit is appropriate, because it does not need adaptor. It’s simply insert two arms inside the air blowing section.
Does air conditioner air outlet larger than the width of the AIR WING?
If air conditioner air out let us larger than air wing, you can use multiple air wings to cover larger air outlet area.
In case air wing width is not wide enough air distribution efficiency may not good, though it depends on the location or position of air wing installation.
Does attachment require construction work?
Air wing installation need not any construction works.

Simple installation without drilling or hammering is a fundamental principle behind the Air Wing. To install, simply affix the adapter to the A/C unit with two-sided tape and insert the Air Wing into the adapter. It is so easy, anyone can do it in a snap.
Detail, please refer at installation manual.

JOKIN AIR series

Is this possible without adhesive tape?
The Air Wing can be attached without using the two-sided tape to four-way ceiling-embedded A/C units. Install by wedging the bases into the gap between the ceiling and the A/C unit as shown in the picture at under. The inserted portion is textured to ensure it stays in place. If no gap is available, use an adapter.

Inserting foot are equipped with lock (Unevenness) so that no risk of dropping easily, however in order to make sure anti dropping security kit is recommended.
If there is not gap, please use adhesive adaptor which is provided with the Air wing.
Can I use Air wing for cooling purpose for heating mode also?
Yes, can use both. For the Heating mode, just take it out from the slot and insert Air wing from opposite side.

In addition, if Air wing angle mount to 90 degrees to the floor heating circulation improves.
Please try and enjoy it.
Does the Air Wing require maintenance?
Maintenance is generally not needed, but if dirt should accumulate on the wing portion of the Air Wing, remove, wipe with water or a domestic neutral detergent, and replace after thoroughly drying. When attaching the Air Wing to the adapter with two-sided tape, make sure you wipe with water or a neutral detergent and dry thoroughly before attaching.

Won’t it will fall off?
It should stay in place as long as the below procedure is followed for installation.

1. Before attaching the adapter, check to make sure that the mounting surface is flat and wipe away any oil, dust and the like using water or a neutral detergent. If the mounting surface is not flat, the adapter may fall off. Use a security kit in situations such as this to prevent falling.

2. Next, dry thoroughly as water will cause problems after installation. Attach just the adapter (the main unit is attached later), and press firmly.

3. After removing your hand, allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes.

4. Once the adapter is fully set, insert the Air Wing into the adapter. The installation is now complete.

5. A security kit is included with the Air Wing . Please use it to ensure stable product use.
What sort of setup is used for eliminating bacteria and odors?
The JOKIN AIR Plus compound is composed mainly of granular sodium chlorite, which generates chlorine dioxide gas when it comes into contact with air. Chlorine dioxide gas acts to eliminate viruses, bacteria and bad odors, and prevents mold and mildew.
Is chlorine dioxide harmful?
There is no danger as the amount is less than the standard set by the Japan Chlorine Dioxide Industry Association. As long as the use precautions are followed, there is no danger to pets or children, either.
Is the product safe with small children?
Yes. Chlorine dioxide is recognized as safe by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other agencies. The amount of particulate chlorine dioxide used in the JOKIN AIR Plus satisfies the standard set by the Japan Chlorine Dioxide Industry Association and has been safely used in medical clinics, preschools and other such institutions.
What happens when the A/C is not running?
Chlorine dioxide is still generated at a stable rate. Because it is heavier than air, chlorine dioxide continues to deodorize and sterilize from above even when the A/C is not producing an airflow. It is because of this 24-hour air sterilization effect that the product is named JOKIN AIR Plus.
Can it be installed in bedrooms and the kitchen?
Yes, of course. When asleep, we are defenseless against viruses and bacteria. Please use it in the bedroom—the JOKIN AIR Plus is easy to install. It is also great in the kitchen in summer and excellent for eliminating pet odors.
How often does the JOKIN AIR Plus need to be replaced, and how is it disposed?
The chlorine dioxide pack should be replaced once every two months. The used packs can be disposed in the regular garbage.* The number of packs differs depending on the size of the room where the JOKIN AIR Plus is installed. For details, refer to the section titled “Use quantity” below. * Garbage disposal methods differ according to jurisdiction. Consult your local authorities for the appropriate disposal method.