AIR WING series

No more annoying airflow, but comfortable ventilation.

Ordinary air conditioners can cause colds in summer, while in winter the air they produce is extremely dry. AIR WING provides you with the comfort of a well climatized, yet natural environment - be it your office, shop, or living room.

Playing active roles in enhancing "ventilation" of the room air for prevention of the new corona virus!


As you know, "ventilation" of indoor spaces in houses and offices is currently being encouraged as a prevention measure against the new corona virus.

For example, proper ventilation with outside air can reduce the concentration of airborne pollutants such as viruses indoors.
  (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency | US EPA)

Our AIR WING series have been proven in the third-party experiment to send the air flowing from an air conditioner 4 to 6 meters or 2 to 3 times farther than the normal condition without them, thus enhancing the circulation of the air ventilated in the room.

Simply attach the Air Wing to your current A/C to make your living room, office or store more comfortable.

For Any Season

Whether the airflow from the air conditioner is hot or cold, AIR WING will manage it in an effective way. Areal advantage in all seasons.

Controllable Airflow

To direct the airflow in a specific direction, AIR WING can be individually adjusted. It can be turned back and forth by as much as 180 degrees, and also up and down.

Effective Ventilation

AIR WING is designed to distribute the air conditioner's airflow in an effective way. No more strong airflow feeling either too hot or too cold.

Easy to Install

Easy and can be one touch installation by adhesive tape with no damage of the existing air conditioner, wall and ceiling.